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  • Market presence
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By providing made-to-measure reinsurance to more than 300 clients in 34 countries in the region, our team of professionals intuitively understands the challenges our partners face in managing their risk and capital.

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  • Market presence
  • Market presence
  • Prague Headquarters
  • Belgrade subsidiary wiener re

Lighting the Way Since 1824

As part of the Vienna Insurance Group, whose history reaches back to 1824, VIG Re has been bringing energy to the industry since its founding in 2008 by establishing ourselves as a core player in the reinsurance market in Austria and CEE.


VIG’s roots in Austria date back to 1824 and the foundation of Wechselseitige k.k. private Brandschaden-Versicherungsgesellschaft in Vienna.

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VIG treated the fall of the iron curtain as an opportunity, aiming to achieve the number one position as the leading insurance corporation in Austria and the CEE region. The main focus was placed on further expansion of insurance activities in the CEE regions. This strategy has essentially been maintained until today.


As part of this strategy, VIG Re was founded on August 8, 2008 when the Czech National Bank granted us our license. This was quickly followed in October by an A+ rating from Standard & Poor’s, which we maintain unaltered until today.


Starting in 2009, VIG Re began underwriting treaty reinsurance for all major Property & Casualty and Life & Health lines of business. While focusing in the first years on inward business from VIG, step-by-step we expanded our franchise VIG and began drawing business from third parties.


We completed the acquisition of a 99.2% share in Wiener Re a.d.o. Beograd, a Serbian reinsurancecompany, which helped us continue to expand our reinsurance activities in CEE. We also began offering facultative services in property and engineering lines.


By expanding our underwriting territories into Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, 2011 saw us steadily grow our portfolio. In the same year, Karl Fink succeeded Peter Hagen as CEO, who was appointed as VIG Group CEO the same year.


With a significantly widened reinsurance proposition to VIG, our premium income peaked in 2012. Foremost, we increased our lines on VIG Property treaties and concluded a large life transaction, which contributed to a 60% premium increase in our VIG business.


With Johannes Martin Hartmann as our new CEO in 2013, we expanded our marketing and underwriting activities in the CEE region and experienced additional growth beyond VIG’s boundaries. When in spring 2013 severe flooding hit Austria and CEE, we had a chance to demonstrate our ability to settle claims in a quick and non-bureaucratic way.


In 2014 we recorded an all-time high in our Property & Casualty book. Despite the unexpected frequency of large, man-made losses reported by VIG companies, we managed to secure a net combined ratio below 98% and to grow our consolidated profit before tax to EUR 19.9 million.


As a response to the increasingly competitive market environment, we adhered to our strict underwriting discipline and reduced our Property & Casualty book by 6 percent. Consequently, our net combined ratio improved to 95.5% and consolidated pre-tax profit increased to EUR 22.7 million.

A+ Rating From S&P Since 2008

Since our founding in 2008, Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC have given us a long-term public issuer rating of “A+” and a financial strength rating of “A+”, both with a “stable outlook”.
The rating was most recently reconfirmed on August 18, 2017.

Charged by Our Values

By maintaining a convivial, yet professional relationship with our clients, they experience our company values personally and trust us for them.

Ethical Behaviour

Respect, integrity, and transparency are our fundamental principles.

Stability and Security

We are in for the long haul.

Performance Matters

We grow our profits through expertise.

Professional Infrastructure

We invest in smart tools without over-engineering.

People Development

We create an environment in which people take responsibility.

Colourful Company Culture

We add freshness to reinsurance.


The Energy That Drives Us

As a company, we get our energy from the people that drive our business.

Statutory Bodies

Supervisory Board
Board of Directors
Audit Committee
Audit Committee
Karl Fink
Member of the Audit Committee
Elisabeth Stadler
Chairwoman of the Audit Committee
František Dostálek
Member of the Audit Committee
Supervisory Board
Karl Fink
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Elisabeth Stadler
Vice-Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board
Vladimír Bakeš
Member of the Supervisory Board
Alain Flandrin
Member of the Supervisory Board
Peter Höfinger
Member of the Supervisory Board
Peter Thirring
Member of the Supervisory Board
Board of Directors
Dušan Bogdanović
Member of the Board of Directors
Show Responsibilities
Actuarial Analytics
Solvency II
VIG Re Subsidiaries
Ivana Jurčíková
Member of the Board of Directors
Show Responsibilities
Finance, Investments
Controlling, Planning & Reporting
Reinsurance Accounting
Johannes Martin Hartmann
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Show Responsibilities
Active Reinsurance
Public Relations & Communication
Human Resources
Tomasz Rowicki
Member of the Board of Directors
Show Responsibilities
Claims Management
VIG Group Business

Meet Our Team

Actuarial Analytics
Reinsurance Accounting
Controlling, Planning and Reporting
Actuarial Analytics
Jan Hrevuš
Head of Department
Marina Borodkina
Reserving Actuary
Iveta Macho
Life Actuary
Actuarial Analytics
Anna Vedyushenko
Assistant Actuary
Marek Krajča
Associate Non-Life Actuary
Michal Bošeľa
Non-Life Actuary
Reinsurance Accounting
Tina Kubes
Claims Specialist
Petra Vrkočová
Accounting Specialist
Milan Přibyl
Head of Department
Reinsurance Accounting
Nikola Klimešová
Accounting Specialist
Lucie Holomelová
Accounting Specialist
Zuzana Chlumská
Accounting Assistant
Reinsurance Accounting
Sylwia Krause
Accounting Specialist
Andrea Hocková
Accounting Associate
Ondřej Broukal
Accounting Specialist
Operations - Board Office
Zuzana Nulíčková
Compliance Officer
Lukáš Dvořák
Risk Manager
Lenka Havránek Malenková
Head of Department
Operations - Board Office
Markéta Musilová
Board Office Coordinator
Barbora Labíková
Assistant to the Board
Natálie Karanová
Assistant to the Board
Zuzana Bendová
Assistant to the Board
Operations - Business Processes
Luboš Machata
Business Processes Assistant
Kamil Kováč
Business Processes Assistant
Ondřej Hyneš
Business Processes Associate
Data Architect
Katarína Bartošová
Administrative Support
Martina Lefkaničová
Administrative Support
Controlling, Planning and Reporting
Zdeněk Štěpán
Senior Controlling Specialist
Kateřina Dostálová
Controlling Specialist
Filip Krop
Controlling Specialist
Underwriting – Non-Life
Fabian Christoph
Head of Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Viera Horáková
Treaty Underwriter
Aneta Stloukalová
Associate Treaty Underwriter
Olaf Dietrich
Head of Department
Underwriting – Non-Life Treaty
Jakub Šandera
Assistant Underwriter
Adéla Stollinová
Assistant Underwriter
Marek Polec
Treaty Underwriter
Petr Štěpán
Senior Treaty Underwriter
Underwriting – Non-Life Treaty
Alexander Melnik
Treaty Underwriter
Alena Pak
Assistant Underwriter
Petko Koev
Senior Treaty Underwriter
Underwriting – Non-Life Facultative
Petr Mareš
Facultative Underwriter
Monika Půhoná
Associate Facultative Underwriter
Pavlína Zapletalová
Assistant Underwriter
Lukáš Srp
Facultative Underwriter
Jan Hynek
Assistant Underwriter
Underwriting – Life
Eva Vrbková
Martin Tesařík
Associate Underwriter
Underwriting – Accident & Health
Yevgeniya Soldatova
Assistant Underwriter
Ondřej Roztomilý
Michal Teplý
Retrocession Specialist
Tomáš Benko
Retrocession Associate

Enlightening Results

By shining a light on our long-term stability, strong capitalisation and financial flexibility, strictly conservative investment strategy and prudent underwriting policy, we’ve been able to continue to drive our results without getting lost in the dark.

Income Statement
Income Statement
Premiums written
390 300
417 432
+7.0 %
349 270
373 703
+7.0 %
19 428
19 021
-2.1 %
21 589
24 708
+14.4 %
Combined ratio
95.5 %
-2.4 %
Results from investments
16 540
11 195
-32.4 %
Profit before taxes
22 682
22 404
-1.2 %
Profit for the period
19 244
17 083
-11.2 %
Balance Sheet
446 984
451 262
+1.0 %
Total Assets
738 801
762 532
+3.2 %
Shareholders’ equity
135 087
139 132
+3.0 %
Underwriting provisions
493 978
510 406
+3.3 %

Values are in thousands of EUR.
Based on Consolidated Financial Statements.

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